Innovative Online Testing

Digico Innovative Online Testing Solution

Our innovative cloud-based online testing solution is web-based and fully responsive for mobile or tablet access, and enables you to create and manage online tests, assessments, and exams for an unlimited number of users and user groups.

Question Banks

Question banks enable you to store an unlimited number of questions which can also be managed under different categories and levels. Five types of questions are supported, namely multiple choice with a single answer, multiple choice with multiple answers, typed (short) answers, column matching as well as long answers. You can add questions manually or even import questions from MS Excel or Word.

Tests and Reports

The system supports an unlimited number of tests with various parameters such as, for example, start and end time, duration, IP address validation, web cam requirement, maximum number of attempts, user group assignment, view or hide answers after test completion and many more. You can also require users to submit a photo before starting any test or assessment (required latest browser), as well as create a template for practice tests where users are able to check their answers instantly without submitting the answers for marking.

Study Material

Study material can be uploaded and assigned to specific categories and/or user groups by the administrator. PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, JPG and PNG attachment types are supported.

Multiple Group Subscription and User Account Types

User can be registered as members of multiple groups at a time. Support for multiple user account types enables you to create unlimited users, together with a user self-registration option with email address validation and confirmation. Access to the different types of tests or assessments can also be controlled via user groups. An advanced view which enables you to assess user performance for specific question types or categories is also available.

Assessment Result or Report

Test or assessment results can be displayed instantly after the user completes an online test. Results also include a list of questions enabling the user to view the correct answer for each question as well as statistics on the user’s performance. Users can also be presented with an automatically generated PDF certificate for each test or assessment.


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